Smart Incontinence System

Our system is focused on creating comfort and peace of mind for individuals who are suffering from urinary incontinence and their caregivers.

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Zealacare Smart Incontinence System

Caring For A Loved One

Our Turn to Care

Our loved ones have devoted their lives to caring and providing for us. In this time of need, it is our turn to return the favor and provide them with the best care possible. With the Zealacare Smart Incontinence System, we can do just that.

Peace of Mind

Knowing when to check for a wet event can be difficult. Current incontinence care is inadequate and relies upon manual checks to know when a change is needed. These random checks can be uncomfortable for both the caregiver and the loved one. Zealacare provides the benefit of immediate wet event notifications so that you and your loved ones can know exactly when care is needed.

Spend Time Doing What Matters

Zealacare helps take the worry out of incontinence care and allows you to enjoy moments that really matter. With premium briefs, real-time monitoring and wet event notifications, you can avoid time-consuming messes and cleanup.

Testimonial: Caring for Mom

"Zealacare came at a perfect time for me while I was caring for my aging mother who was suffering from dementia. The product gave me the peace of mind to know when I had to change her and knew that with the product there wouldn't be long periods where she would be wet or developing sores. Prior to having the product, we'd either have to check her frequently or would later discover she had been uncomfortable for a while or even that sores were soaking in urine and getting worse. With Zealacare, that problem went away, when we got an alert we could quickly help her stay comfortable and it pretty much eliminated sore development for her. It's a small thing but it greatly improved her quality of life during that challenging time." - David White, VP at Comcast

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Our FDA registered Smart Incontinence system consists of the following:

Premium Brief

Smart Sensor

Mobile App

Why Zealacare?

Increasing the Quality of Life

Taking Incontinence Care to a Whole New Level

Instant Notifications

Prevent Infection


Medically Backed

Even the Doctors Agree

Elevating Comfort with High-Quality Briefs

Zealacare senses wet events and alerts users using a three part system:

  1. A small, reusable sensor that attaches to the front of the brief
  2. A premium, disposable brief with sensing strips manufactured in them
  3. The Zealacare App (available for Android & iOS)

When a wet notification is received via the app, users remove the sensor, change the brief, and reattach the sensor.

The briefs are made with snaps on the outside front. The sensor easily snaps on and off, allowing for a great user experience.

Yes. The Zealacare Smart Incontinence System has been developed using industry leading quality standards and is registered with the FDA.

Our briefs include a super absorbent core for maximum absorption, elastic leg gathers for added leak protection, adhesive fasteners for a customizable fit, and a cloth-like backing that allows for added comfort and better air flow.

The Zealacare App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. When purchasing a starter bundle, we’ll send you a link via email to download the app. Setting up the app is quick and easy, and our interface makes it simple for everyone to use. .

Absorbency Beyond Compare

Anti-Leak Guards

Super Absorbent

Breathable Sides

Find the Perfect Fit

Sizing with your comfort in mind

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Your Superhero Sidekick

Seriously, the Zealacare Smart Incontinence System gives you an extra hand, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

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Smart Sensor

Simple to use. Powerful results.

The Zealacare Smart Sensor is a low power device that enables individuals and caretakers to receive real-time, customisable data surrounding wet events.

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Discover the Smart Sensor's Secret

Inductive Charging

Water Proof

10 Day Battery Life

Bluetooth & Wifi Connectivity

Replace in Seconds

Renews In A Snap

Our unique smart system allows for ease of use through a patented technology you can change out a brief in seconds and be ready for the next wet event.

Changes life in minutes

We set out to create a mobile app that is simple and easy to use, creating the flexibility for all users to navigate with ease. 

Proof that Great Things Come in Small Packages

Stay in Control with 
Seamless Sensor Connectivity

Discover How It Works

Instant Notifications

Saturation Level Monitoring

Sensor Status

Ability to Order in Seconds