Smart Incontinence by Zealacare

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Our FDA registered Smart Incontinence system consists of the following:

Premium Brief

Smart Sensor

Mobile App

The Premium Brief

Restoring Comfort

Absorbency Beyond Compare

Anti-Leak Guards

Super Absorbent

Breathable Sides

"I honestly love the briefs..."

Amber Elvey

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Smart Sensor

Simple to use. Powerful results.

The Zealacare Smart Sensor is a low power device that enables individuals and caretakers to receive real-time, customizable data surrounding wet events. 

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Discover the Smart Sensor's Secret

Inductive Charging

Water Proof

10 Day Battery Life

Bluetooth & Wifi Connectivity

Stay in Control with Seamless Sensor Connectivity

Discover How It Works

Instant Notifications

Saturation Level Monitoring

Sensor Status

Ability to Order in Seconds

Even the Doctors Approve